Steel Lugged Track Frame - Glitter Job - Updated!

So i picked up this frame from tassie, owner thinks its a McBain, im not entirely convinced. However it does have campy drop outs and campy tips on the forks, 26.8mm seat post, nice lugs, fairly lightweight.

I wont rant on, but basically, after doing the missus’ mixte, i wanted the glitter to stand out more, so this time around i laid on a few more coats. In all honesty i think its slightly overkill, but im happy with the outcome for now. All my parts are quite plain, so i think a ‘busy’ frame would be ok.

Process - stripped back to bare metal, primered, sand with 600 wet, gloss black, sand with 1200 wet, about 5 light coats of glitter, mixing colours in between, and about 7 coats of clear. Because of the glitter you can see the ‘raised’ bits of the glitter peices, so its a little ‘rough’ to touch, i might need more clear or something thicker?

Build will be complete as im waiting on a few parts.

Onto the pics!

Bare frame, campy tips, nice lugs.

primer and gloss black

First coat of glitter, probably shouldve stopped here =|

A few more coats of glitter later, and about 7 coats of clear

*** Updated 16Dec09***

Teaser night shot, sparkle shot will have to be tomorow in the sun if i get home from in time

Updated 17Dec09

some afternoon pics, couldnt get any decent shots of the glitter, i failz at photography :oops:

parts list
Tange Seiki headset (njs 8-))
sugino mighty cranks 47T
sugino pista spindle with no name cups
mks sylvans with mks clips, no name straps for now (hunting for good black leather ones)
b43s on gators
Nitto NJProAA 100mm stem with B123s
San Marco Concor on generic post (still hunting for a decent one)
DA 16T cog with KMC710SL chain
Inner tube bar tape

looks nice

It doesnt look like over kill at all.
can’t wait to see it finished jase

what did u do to strip it back to bare metal?

cheers fellas,

tarz01, used paint stripper for the top layer of paint, and then wire brush on an angle grinder/drill for the rest of the stubborn paint/primer.


Good work on the paint. You used multiple cans of glitter spray on this paintjob? By multiple i mean multiple colours…

Yeh, i did. The so called ‘rainbow’ colour was more a silver and green, so i had to add a a light coat of the red and gold to give it a more ‘rainbow’ look. In the sun though it looks predominantly green, with bits of gold and red.

What brand of glitter paint did you use?
Where did you purchase it?


Hey think I’ve got a roadie with the same lugs and dropouts but the lugs are chromed. Has very nice first gen dura ace parts. Being trying to figure it out for ages. Not amazingly lightweight but pretty decent and old 27" wheels. I got some help from rogerrabbit on this forum so he might be able to help you. Let me know if you have any leads. Very nice job you’ve done on the paint of yours. Glitter is rad.

Looking good. Does the ‘C13’ stamp on the top of the forks give any indication of the breed?

CD - The glitter spray paint is by ‘Chase’. I stumbled across the national distributors (so they tell me) here in perth, they were happy to sell directly to me instead of telling me who retails em :?

DG - cheers mate, 27s aye? this frame is definietly built for 700s, i tested the fork with my front wheel and clearence is a few mm, fairly tight. The frame has actually had some exposure on the BNA forums, with the most people thinking its a McBain, but yeh, im still not convinced. I’ll keep searching, but im quite satisfied thats its a quality aussie made frame.

P - not sure mate, havnt been able to find much, it also has the common ‘11’ stamped on the bottom bracket.

just waiting on a few parts so i can finally ride it :sunglasses:

really nice job. i must commend you on the effort and infro u have supplied…now i can do my frame at home when i have the time

Was this that red one from katherine on BNA?

Bare metal looked awesome. Make me want to strip and clearcoat for the next project.

S - cheers mate, look forward to your build!

J - nah mate, that belongs to another member here, although i did purchase the frame from a BNA member from tassie. He was running a coaster brake hub, and was painted in a aqua blue/green with colnago decals on it.

A - yeh, i was quite tempted to just clear coat it once i had her stripped, but with the cans of glitter staring at me in the face, i just couldnt say no :wink:

Ah yeah, I know the one.

That thing has awesome geometry!

niice lug work, black gloss looks rad

Finally got most of the parts i was missing in, put about 90% together, just some minor things i need to tweak. Will try and take some daytime pics tomorrow to show up the sparkles :sunglasses:

Nice stem.

hahah your cincelli’s are actually gonna be hooked up with some RB021s :sunglasses: