steele bishop frames

does anyone have any information on these? I have one, but can’t find any info on google…

Richard, you the guy selling on gumtree? My quick google found some info on the rider, but nothing on the bikes.

cheers jase

I’ve got one of these which Shifter Dan converted for me a couple of years a go.

I made a half hearted attempt to do some research when I first got it but found nothing.

All I can say is I quite I like mine and would also be interested if anyone had some more info

jase, no thats not me. what city though? i’d quite like to see it. Mine is a “pursuit mk1”; i really like it, but as mentioned, can only find info on the rider. cheers anyway

A fair bit on the rider… worth following up. These old bits of Australian cycling history are worth preserving and sharing.