Steve Jobs was Willy Wonka

Pretty sweet idea:

Steve’s idea was to do a Willy Wonka with it. Just as Wonka did in the movie, Steve wanted to put a golden certificate representing the millionth iMac inside the box of one iMac, and publicize that fact. Whoever opened the lucky iMac box would be refunded the purchase price and be flown to Cupertino, where he or she (and, presumably, the accompanying family) would be taken on a tour of the Apple campus.

Steve had already instructed his internal creative group to design a prototype golden certificate, which he shared with us. But the killer was that Steve wanted to go all out on this. He wanted to meet the lucky winner in full Willy Wonka garb. Yes, complete with top hat and tails.

Steve Jobs’ Plan for a Willy Wonka-Style Celebration of the Millionth iMac - Mac Rumors


whereas now the only people visiting are welfare groups after a wave of factory worker suicides.
wonder if at the end he planned to give the company to the winner.

Sorry, forgot you hated Apple ianhuman!

I’ve just finished reading the Steve Job’s bio. It makes for a very interesting (warts and all) character portrait of a brilliant (whether you are an apple fanboy or not, he was deeply involved with a number of huge steps forwards in technology/media) but very, very flawed person.

you mean steve knobs.


Do not!

You gotta stop hanging around with school kids.

I got given the jobs bio for xmas. Not in a real hurry to read it tbh.

I gather Wonka was a bit of a mental as well.

plus he dug LSD!

a pity about the sweat shops though…