Offer him $8 and see what he says.

Stick | Tools | Gumtree West End

This is hilarious, will post on may friends walls on Facebook.

I have a sudden urge to throw my money towards this ‘stick’

What were you looking for at the first place…

Right or left handed? In any case it looks closer to a branch in size.


“They don’t make them like this any more”
I beg to differ i have some on the tree out the back i have prepped and in another 5 years will far surpass this for quality and looks.

Is it an NJS tree?

Whats brown and sticky?

Hard to tell. Hoping when i peel back the bark and polish it up the njs logo will be revealed.
If so i will put you down for one.

as a bluemountains boy i got tha real Feces, Corymbia aparrerinja 1" threaded un drilled, Eucalyptus fasciculosa adelade 55 c/c tapered