Sticker suppliers?

I want some stickers for my frame. No, not 1000! Just one or two.

I’m not looking for ‘branding’ as I have no idea who made my fixie frame.

Anyone know of some sites that might sell something unique or a bit different?


Do you mean decals? Like stickers that tell people what your frame is? Search ‘cyclomondo’ on ebay stores…

there is abloke on offering to do one of stickers if you supply artwork. was donating the proceeds to bushfire relief too!

If you know anyone studying to become a Design and Manual Arts teacher, they’d be able to do it. I got a mate who’s going to do me a heap of stickers…

I want the word ‘Christine’ in done in red.

Any ideas?

Try a signwriting place.

They should be able to make a vinyl cut sticker it for a small fee.