Designer peeps…I have some unobtainable Kenevans olympic ones i’d like sharpened up and printed. 1/2 done artwork can be supplied. Was done on windows and i’m not 100% on font,etc.

Has anyone get their stickers yet? I am still waiting - I got a n email about 2 weeks ago say due to unprecedented demand, presses are running 24hours, etc’ -

nah, not yet, they got pumped from that promo. I emailed them Monday asking what was going on, they have made our order a priority to be done by the 18th (!!!) so they can be sent with the caps.

dunno if I believe them though…

I haven’t received anything, nor any emails…

Mine are not here either, if they turn up by xmas i’d be happy

yeah I didn’t receive their bulk email either.

I got the email. Understandable considering almost everyone on FoA ordered something.

For the price you can’t really expect anything more. I’ll be happy IF they come.

stickers were dispatched today, by oct 18th as promised.

Rad. Hopefully I get my TRACK SABBATH ones very soon.

annoyingly these have arrived and are 10cm x 10cm…

i know that was the deal, but i’m sure there was room to request smaller, which is why i ordered 5cm x 5cm.

will re-read the email/order and see what’s up. i’d feel like a bit of a dick chasing them over a $10 order!

I did wonder how they would handle the custom order aspect of such a big batch. I guess it is worth chasing it up, I’m sure they generated a shit tonne of revenue from this anyway.

I hope mine are 5x5cm, 10cm is just freakin’ huge.

yeah, kinda frustrating, the only reason i ordered 5 x 5 is because the 10 x 10’s we previously did are just too big to go on a frame neatly.

I designed mine to be 10cm x 2.5cm, and made it so there were 4 stickers per 10cm sheet. Hopefully they worked out okay. My biggest worry was the colour.

^^ Nah should be fine, man.

I’m still on the shit list, wouldnt mind if i could change it to 5x5

got a reply, the order was meant to be 5x5 and they’re sending replacements asap…

the guys there seem very helpful, changed my order to 5x5 and they are die cut. mine just came out of production.

Mine just arrived, pretty happy with how they came out.

yayyy! i can cover my holes!


PM me if you want some. I’ll be cutting the sheets up, so they’ll 10cm long x 2.5cm tall.