Saw this and thought of you guys…

100 stickers 100 x 100mm vinyl die cut for 10 dollars.

150 x Stickers 100x100mm PROMO (Expires 7 Sept 2013)

whoa, bargain, will get onto this for more FOA stickers, but smaller this time for bikes


well that didn’t take long!!




Also thanks for reminding me Rolly. Should do a cap pre-order now before I forget again.

Any designery types able to digitalise a hand drawn thang for me? Official LMNTM stickers would be swell…

FoA Mafia stickers… hmmm.

Can I buy a sticker without buying a cap? I really want a sticker

^ Yep. They cost $25.

$25 with a free cap

TRACK SABBATH stickers coming soon.

You get the digi die cut bit of the file sorted Rolly?

Yo LMNTME, send me the file on the facebooks and ill get it sorted for you.

did I get the what now?

he’s been too busy getting his can’s out for the public!

I don’t think the special is for die cuts / kiss cuts. Just a square or circle sticker.

yeah that was a fun 2hrs I’ll never get back…

ah well, was for a good cause.

tell Kate her lack of donation was duly noted :wink:

I just got 5cm x 5cm square logo stickers. black on white, sent them an .ai file.

email recently saying it’d been processed.



Hopefully they have that Geared Slab Regular font. I noticed the arced text wasn’t outlined in that .ai file!

I noticed the mention of die cut too and thought it couldn’t be! Circles and squares bro. Sharp deal still.