Stolen Bicycle Recovery

Got this email at work today and thought the po po might have busted a few crack dens recently. If you know of anyone who has had their bike flogged it would be worth letting them know:

“Have you had a bicycle stolen from the campus?
Indooroopilly Police have located a number of bicycles and helmets believed to have been stolen from the St Lucia campus within the last six months. Police request that if you have had a bicycle stolen please email your contact details and a full description of the bicycle to”

Apprently this guy was running the whole operation.

I think quite a few people have lost bikes around UQ lately. A guy I know came back to his bike after a class to find that someone had put a bike lock on his bike. He had to leave a mate watch it whilst he ran home and got bolt cutters to take it off.

I suppose they would have come back during the night to try and tke off with it.

Should have staked it out and used the bolt cutters for a DIY castration.

makes me a sad panda - used to not even bother locking my bike while I smashed pints at the red room

who would steal a bike off the dude smashing glasses everywhere? is that why it was red? blood red? and then blade showed up, cos he thought there was vampires, and then…

^^ “Let’s go feng shui the fuck around my digs like a superball bring that sunny side up”

uhn tiss uhn tiss uhn tiss

^pretty much