Stolen Bicycle

Feken Kents :cry: :cry: If you see some scumbag riding my bike please feel free to let the wrath of 1000 tight jeans take down this basturd.

Bike:2008 Mongoose Fireball and my fucken helmet :frowning: white protec ace
Colour:White with wite pike and red rims
Date it was stolen:21/04/09
Where it was stolen:Out the front of Repco Lawnton QLD
Specs:Pikes, DTswiss hubs W/ red transition rims, Thompson stem, Burgtec ride wide bars, Ethirteen LG1, shimano DX pedals, Red SDG Ibeam, Exlier brakes
Other Discriptions:

Please Call 0428291294 Or 32054578(business hours-just say its about Kenneths bike) If you recover the bike I am offering a reward


Fark mate. Feeling for you :cry: Having had two of my bikes lost stolen in the space of two weeks I know how you feel. I’ll keep an eye out for it…

And what erik said. Nail them up by their nuts…

that bike looks hot and sticks out like dogs balls with the red rims, should be easy to spot… whilst im on the southside I will keep an eye out.

And when I thought my week couldn’t get any worse I just got fired.

When shit goes wrong, it usually goes wrong all at once. Don’t worry i’ve had it happen to me aswell.


lawnton is my hood yo…my eyes are peeled!

Try not to think about it, (Getting fired that is).

Speak to as many people as possible in the next few weeks, you never know where it will lead you.

Sorry for the soppy soap box speech,
But I have been on the wrong side of being sacked and it’s never as fun as chucking your job in, even if you didn’t want to be there in the first place.

Good luck Kenoath.

Who are you? you mean to say there is another person in lawnton that rides fixed gear :-o

haha…im just an old chubby tattooed guy!

do you post on you should come hit up thursday night rides.

Kenoath, that sucks real bad about getting fired. Hope you sort out moneys and stuff

yeah dude…i post on n.t
Been tryin to get to a thursday ride but im always workin way to late…

ohh ok and dont shop at your friendly lbs?

ive not been out in the deep north that long so i hav’nt needed any bike bits lately…but i will be sure to wreck something on one of my bikes soon enough! Which store are you at?

Bums On Bikes :frowning: But dont shop there they are very silly.

Strathpine bicycle center give you sweet discounts