Stolen Bike Princes Hill/Carlton North

So I woke up this morning to find that my bike has been stolen from out the front of my house on Pigdon Street. I am so gutted, this was my only mode of transport to my job in the cbd and 5am starts are going to be a hassle.

Dark Blue SE Lager frame, 53’ sizing, cut down silver risers with black grips, purple skin grows back straps, maroon bmx pedals, white concor rolls saddle - scratched a little, frame has scratches on top tube a little from bailing, T Whites Bikes stickers on top tube, Ace of Spades on front, Blue Velocity B43s, mini Skull lights, skull sticker on seat tube, cog sticker, gold Sugino cranks/chainring,fixed gear with chunky style chain.

I spent a decent amount of cash building this up and am willing to offer a reward if it is found.
Will put photos up after I have breakfast

That’s crap to hear and I hope you get it back. But leaving your bike locked up outside overnight, especially around the inner city, is an invitation to steal it.

sorry for the crappy pictures.

Walked around the hood this arvo to see if if I could spot my bike stashed somewhere but to no avail.
Im going to make posters tonight and stick them up, I have also registered my lost bike on a couple of different sites and forums - does anyone know what other steps I should take? should i report it to the police etc?


You know, all the usual places too. .
Flea bay, cashies, etc. .
I had a bike stolen last year, and I found it at cash converters on smith street.

Good luck though dude, I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

Thanks man yeah I guess I willhave to go hit up the second hand stores too.
Did you have to pay them to get your bike back? Also there are so many police stations around - which one should i report it to? Do they each have their own lost and found dept?

I will keep an eye out. Go to the nearest cop shop to your house, you will usually have contact with one constable whoever you report it to thruout the course of the investigation etc. Sooner is better

Thanks for the advice guys, Im relatively new to melburn so its nice to get some help on this.
Ive been pretty flat out with work all week but I will go report it asap and check the 2nd hand stores this weekend.

bump… anyone seen this or something similar around? I am offering a substantial reward for its return …

Sorry, but I did not noticed it.