Stolen Bike? Suss Sighting...

Sorry to start a new thread on this but I thought I would chuck it up.

Left work today and saw a shady, barefoot, junkie-looking guy run across the crossing with a pretty flash fluro green Jake The Snake Kona bike. He wasn’t riding it but wheeling it across and he was in a bit of a rush.

It might be a massive coincidence but I regularly see another guy… almost daily, ride the same bike past our building, so it would be safe to say it had been stolen.

So if you know anyone that works in the City/Braddon area (Canberra isn’t that big!) who has had their fluro green Kona stolen, let me know so I can chat to the owner. In hindsight I should have taken a photo or approached the guy but it didn’t really click at the time.

Cheers - Luke.

Someone at my work in Civic has one too, but I have no idea who.
I also see a girl commute on one fairly regularly but have no idea who it is or where she works.

No help at all from me.