Stolen Bike

My mates fixed pub bike was stolen from outside the pub :roll: on Fitzroy St St Kilda somewhere between 1800 on the 29th and 1200 on the 30th.

Photo’s of the bike are <a href=“”>here</a>. If you see the bike can you either let me know or leave a comment on the linky

that sux. sorry to hear about that.

between 1800 on the 29th and 1200 on the 30th.

Were you in the army once?

Thats one hefty drinking binge!

Sorry to hear mate, will keep my eyes peeled


My mates bike, while not worth a lot of $$'s was his fav bike so I am hoping that it is found, but I doubt it :frowning:

Not as bad as the Baum that was stolen in Adelaide at least :-o

At least hopefully it will be hard to get rid of or picked up by a bike shop.
One of my old housemates had his s-works hardtail stolen. with all the customisations he’d done to it, must’ve been worth about $10k. very unique. some muppet took it for a service so the shop called my mate. this guy had paid $750 for it.

I mate of mine years ago had his $12k DH pig nicked. He worked at the LBS and he and his boss had a fair idea of who it was, so when that person was around they played it up and said that the boss’ tattooed jail-hardened biker relatives were out lookin for it and were goin to pummel they guy that stole the bike. Strangely it turned up two days later under a pile of cardboard behind the supermarket! To top it off the suspect changed shops too hahaha

funny shit. so the guy allegedly stole a bike from one of his colleagues?
harsh. I would have thought you’d be better off pinching parts and accessories and flogging them off ebay. then again these people often aren’t that smart.

Oops badly written! Nah it was one of their customers. Apparently this guy had shown a lot of interest in ‘old mates’ bike, then it went missing. Yeah people can really show their un-intelligence sometimes eh?