STOLEN - Bris, two bikes

Hey guys

Not a great first post… Just discovered that two bikes have been stolen from my garage today in Norman Park.

50cm Matte Black Giant Bowery. Black/Yellow Rubinos running single speed
54cm Orange Cell Mallet 360 which is about 4 days old… Stock running fixed

If you see or hear anything I appreciate the news


92-96 Norman Crescent?

Ben Rudd, I do a bit of driving around town, shall keep an eye out.

I’m on Norman Ave.

Cheers Gordy

There were some jerks robbing a lot of places, usually common garages in apartment blocks, in the area back in 2006. I lost a few things and had a car broken into.

Jokes aside, the orange Mallet should standout, so I will keep an eye out. There is also a few Brisbane guys on here. Maybe let Gypsy know, in case they drop into Gear at West End.

Hey Bergs,

Sorry to hear about your bikes dude! Me and erik will keep an eye out for you. I’ll pm you my email address, if you can send me any pics and or partlists of the bikes i will chuck em up on the blog.



That’s so shit. I’m not far from there so will keep an eye out around the Gabba for you. The orange one will stick out like dog’s balls. Best to try to get around to as many crime converters and other pawn shops as you can over the next month.

I’ll keen an eye out around town, The Gap, Ashgrove, Newmarket, Paddington and Bardon for you buddy.

Thanks guys!

you got any pictures or part lists?
I can check out ferny grove way, so will keep eyes out.

Pics are up on the gear blog at the moment, i’ll try post them up here tomorrow as well.

Man Brisbane Sucks! My house in st. lucia was inundated! I locked my scott hybrid at my little brothers down the road and it was stolen by looters! And the city cats aren’t working so im stuffed!