Stolen CAR - 1970 Rover 3500 - Northcote

ok, so it’s not a bike, but the owner is doing me a favour & I said I’d help him out. someone also stole his bike the same night, but it wouldn’t have fit in the car, so bit of a weird one!

1970 Rover 3.5L
Dark Grey
Rego - KRO 214

Stolen Friday 8/11/13 in NORTHCOTE

Mike has owned this car for about 20 odd years & he’s pretty bummed out about it. Pretty distinct looking car as you can see below (edited - this is the exact car)

Call Mike if any info - 0400 321 169

What a shame. Seems it wasn’t the only classic nicked in Northcote recently as a mid 80’s Alfa was also stolen on the weekend.

Hope it’s recovered and undamaged.

ah shit, hopefully they weren’t going for classics specifically & it was just some punks nabbin it for a spin.

even more so now that I’ve seen the actual car, I think it’s rad!!


basically fine.


^^^did you recover it?

it’s getting suspicious now rolly :stuck_out_tongue:

I had nothing to do with it’s recovery, just got a text tonight about it.

just all about the positive vibes maaaaaaaaaann