Stolen Cervelo T1 track bike

Hi, guys

The worst thing happened last night from my friend.
He was stolen his bike close to Windsor station,VIC.

Spec of the bike

Cervelo T1 51
Corima 3-Spoke Tubular
Velocity B43 rims
Campagnolo crank,chainring and B.B
Fizik Arione K 1
Profiledesigns cobra wing bullhorn bar

If you see this bike, Please let him or me know ASAP.
Keeping this bike is better, when you call.

0421 278 445
0421 322 780

Please keep your eyes peeled.


Was it locked?

You’re pic link is busted btw.

you/your friends all seem to have the nicest bikes getting stolen. I’ll keep my eye out

Is this the same T1 that’s always rolling down Elizabeth St?

Nice bike. Has it been found?

Dodge gumtree add with a pic of the bike (de-sticker end corima) and a short description. Reported it to the guy and I was informed last night that he has his bike back.

This dodgy ad?

Cervelo T1 | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Melbourne City - Melbourne CBD


the frame in the gumtree ad seems to be much larger…

It is, and bar stem combo are different.

I think we’re being trolled.

I heard on instagram that he got it back this morning??
Anyone got the story?

That photo in the gumtree listing is ripped from another site not the actual bike.

Yeah that’s what he said was going on.

He got his bike back.
Thanks, guys!

How’d he get it back?

good to spread the word with what works.

i called him and told him about the ‘dodgy’ gumtree add and i guess he followed it up. not sure of the details (would love to know)… were there cops involved? good old fashioned beat down?