Stolen Conversion - Sydney (Bronte)

Stolen from my home at bronte on the night of the 4th of october (monday)

I have been home (at the farm) for a week and came back to no bike.
i know the date as my flatmate told me.

I’ve got a fair idea it could be the people next door,

Just in case, if you see it please call 0404593607 or PM me.

It is easily distinguishable by its slack geometry and workhorse attitude.

I Have had this bike for a long time and its the only thing i could afford.
I lost all my spoke cards, anybody have any spares from sydney events over the past 2 years?

Parts list:
-Front B43 (i spray painted it black coz it was purple-shoddy job)
-back deep v that has a stripped hub and no lockring as i was saving for a new wheel.

  • fsa omega cranks
  • Flat bars with white bar tape
    -Nothing else is branded

Sucks man. I’ll keep my eyes open around town.