Stolen factory sample bike (Brunswick)

I have had another bike stolen from my shop in Brunswick which is not great.

The bike was a very unique (literally the only one in Australia) factory sample bike and will be very easy to find considering the graphics etc. were totally made to my specifications (I will post pictures when I find them on my computer).

The bike is a basic 7 speed drop handlebar bike with Shimano gears (A050) featuring both drop and flat bar brake levers (CX type).

The frame was made from aluminium with white/black/light green graphics under the label WOLF.

The bike had white wheels with black tyres and black dual pivot brakes both front and rear.

As a sample bike it will be almost funny to whoever thinks they will be able to ride this bike around without eventually getting noticed.

Any help in locating the bike would be greatly appreciated.

Got Photos Ryan?

do bikes in your store have pedals fitted? something to think about if they do…