Stolen: Hideous Orange MTB in Melbourne

Ok so it’s not that hideous but it’s stolen either way.
It’s my first post and I know it’s bad form to ask a favor without introductions but I was hoping the Melburn types could keep an eye out for an Avanti MTB sprayed orange running mainly XT (XTR rear deraillieur (and yes it’s not a fixed or singlespeed but I do ride a fixed and bike theft hurts us all)).

There’s a pic here that makes me look terrible silly from a few years back but nonetheless it give an idea of what it looks like. The bike was a gift and could be happily credited along with the chaps who gave it me with returning by keeness for all things two wheeled.

It was stolen from Victoria Parade in Fitzroy today (Tuesday 27th March 07) around 1pm. Any info would be greatly appreciated by PM or e-mail (zeke_scar AT

Oh and by way of an introduction: I’m Jim. I like bikes. I ride them around Melbourne. I like this website and forum, looks like fun. I don’t like bike thieves.

Cheers for your time,


I was around there today… but didn’t see it. But i might see it!

Nothing short of death for bike thieves. Hang 'em from the gallows and make 'em dance the hempen jig!