Stolen Kona Unit 2010

Item: 2010 Kona Unit Large
Stolen Form: Hotham St Collingwood

Brand new Conti tyres Xking and RaceKing in the Racesport compound versions (Made In Germany)
Avid Elixir 3 Hydros (These have never needed to be bled)
Fizik Gobi saddle
Shimano wheels Front is MT66 and rear is Shimano MT75

Since pictures it now has SNAFU Flats and an Orange Yepp Maxi kids seat.

It seams my MTB career will be very short

Contact me at if you see it.

i live two streets away and will keep my peepers peeled

Nice rig, I’m sure it will be missed…

Wasn’t this just a recent purchase? Sad times.

Yeh, I had it for about two weeks :frowning: didn’t even see the trails or put the suspension forks on.

But good news is it looks I’m getting a new one on insurance