STOLEN: my Surly Steamroller and Yukon SX

serial no. 207071

(looked like that but had more spoke cards, shorter stem, black bars, SAG double straps and was Surly stickerless… it had a hell on wheels sticker instead.

and a standard Giant Yukon SX Mtb…

Stolen overnight from my lock up garage under my apartment block between 10pm and 8am this morning.

They took the two bikes and the torpedo 7 pole they were attached too… all without scratching my car by the looks of it…

(if a dude called stefan is riding it its not mine, thats his just looks the same)

Eyes peeled yo.

This is so fucked.

could be stefan sounds like his steez… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I’ll keep an eye out. It is a pretty distinctive bike (apart from the obvious).

Hope you are rolling again soon.

That’s Shit, If i see the dude Ill roundhouse him off it for you. hopefully its not the other guy though.

we will dispense U-lock justice

please note:

At time of writing, plunkett did not own said you lock to enforce said justice.

He now does.
Thanks Lewis.

i speak with forsight

we will dispense u-lock justice!

Alot of parts that dont fit the bill but possibly been changed over for sale? i appolagise if this is someones bike on here for sale.

Thats weird. it actually doesnt have any stickers either.

right size! wrong bike :frowning:

That looks like all the stock bits (which I still have) so this isn’t mine :frowning:

thanks for keeping an eye open guys!

hey, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but i think i say someone trying to sell the gaint on king st newtown. From memory a white holden station wagon, possibly '98 model.

That rings a bell with me too actually about the Yukon on king street. Can’t remember it exactly but i know ive seen one for sale in the area somewhere.

When was that?

im generally down the hell on wheels end a fair amount and haven’t seen it and neither have any of the pawn shops along the way!

the trading took place on the corner of the convenient store opposite “art on king”.
At around midday-ish?