Stolen National converted fixie Sydney City

photo attached (worth looking at just for comical reasons)
Ok on Saturday morning at apx 4am (ending friday night) my bike was stolen from outside the Mac (Maquarie Hotel). this is the hotel on Wentworth avenue, coming of Elizabeth st going towards Oxford.
I had just finished work around the corner and went for a beer before heading home. Unfortunately some twat stole my bike and made for a nice long trek back.

It is a National / panasonic rd bike converted to a fixie. It has 2 champion stripes and a deep / dark marone color which often looks black. It has a number of stickers on it with prominent stickers by AXE, 20 20 climate change, and the bundie rum polar bear. It has 2 well go pedals. The clips are single on one side and double on the other (by that i dont mean 2 straps but double plastic silver color on one side and a single black plastic on the other. Black 1inch riser bars with White track style grips. the Cranks and CHAIN WHEEL are electric metalic blue. the front break leaver is also blue and on the left side.

The photo is as follows, some changes have been made.
Wheels: it now has machine walled (braking rims) Alex rims on both the front and back. black with silver breaking surface.
tyres: if not changed. Rear tyre is a gator skin. Front tyre is an elcheapo white tyre, matching the white track style grips on the riser bars;
Break: the front brake has been changed to a pretty standard break. There is no longer blue housing around the cable

I have been living overseas so this bike has not been out in Sydney much over the last half year. only in the last month did i come back and start riding.

If you see the bike please contact me on 0424070701.
You are all champions for even looking here.
I owe you a brew or a coffee or even a couple.

Cheers, Antman

That’s shit. Did they cut/pop the lock? I’ve been the subject of a stolen bike before and the sinking feeling you get when you see that it isn’t where you left it is just horrible. I’ll keep an eye out on ebay and other bike trading forums for you.

^ Are you two related?

Don’t all ants come form the same Queen?

does the pub or nearby have cameras that cover where your bike was and capture the theft in action?

Yes that is a good idea to ask if they have camera. Im not sure how i would find the person but it is definatly a good start. I have a feeling the person probably looks like a giant penis. But maybe a video could further clear that up.

No we are not related. rather we just share the same awsome nickname.

^ Nickname? Oh, I just imagined Dan would also ride around in those shorts… :wink:

What shorts, I don’t see any shorts in that photo?

did you file a police report? We have police coming into my work to ask for footage occasionally. They will question security guards and other ppl who work around the area also. Do this asap because ppl tend to forget and some places dont keep their footage for long.

i had my bike stolen from inside a shopping centre with cameras everywhere, police ended up catching the guys who stole it from bankstown. long story short, nothing happened because they are were 18. fuck the system

BOOM! a friend of mine spotted it a person locking it up in Leichardt today. I hopped in my car to get there asap. B4 i got there my mate said that he came out to get the bike, and when asked where he got it he replied ‘Why is it your bike.’ My friend said yes and the dude just gave it back and said ‘yeah my dodgy mate took it when he was drunk.’

THe funny thing is they only did 2 things.

  1. took the cages of the peddals (bloody amateurs, who would ride without cages, when my brake is as terrible as it is) and 2. they took 1 of my apx 20 stickers off. Although im not happy cuz that was my climate action by 2020 sticker. so i guess it shows that a climate skeptic stole my bike. Just another reason to disslike those who dissregard our environmental issues.

Well alls well ends well.
thanks for the help,


good story dude.

I’ve seen some dodgey guys looking at and touching - even trying to sit on- my and other bikes in leichhardt (I work on norton st) I went out to question them one night while sitting in the leichhardt hotel and they asked if it was my/friends bikes and I said yes (one was mine out of 4 locked to the same spot) and they promptly left after just saying how nice my bike was and I shouldnt leave it locked up unattended. SCUM!

tell me…at any point in time DURING the confrontation…didn’t you just wanna clock the dude in the face?

glad you got it back mate…minus a few bits…but good result!

glad you got it back mate…minus a few bits…but good result!

although a nice connecting fist to the jaw/nose would be nice too…or not…