STOLEN Planet X Kaffenback 2 Courier Bike

Some jerk guy broke into my garden and stole my work bike. It’s a black kaffenback 2 with shimano flat bar shifters, xt brakes hope/surly Hplus son wheels Thomson stem/post and spd pedals (no cetma). If you see it throw a lock on it and smash the person in the head.

Distinctive features: Soma straight blade cx fork with “GORE 666” sticker with a pixelated skull on it. “HUNGRY COURIERS” sticker on NDS downtube. “PERTH DRIVERS ARE SHIT” sticker on DS downtube. Skingrowsback stickers throughout, and moderate paint damage to usual lock spots on downtube and seatstays.

Its been found across the street dumped in a park bush.

I hope you found it in similar to condition to when it was taken. I’m sorry that people suck like that :frowning: