Stolen Subrosa Mallum

Location: (Street - Harbourside, Suburb - Darling Harbour, City - Sydney, State - New south wales)

Time: (Approximate time frame you think it happened - between 3 30 am and 5 am )

Description / Details: Photos or a good description of your bike, of the parts, of stickers on it, of scratches on it, how it was locked, etc. … link to image posted below

Image - Redirecting...

Referring to imagebike no longer has top tube wrap, has more stickers but bare frame is still visible- front forks are covered in white " love not money stickers"

chain is gold - Dmr v12 pedals now with hold fast straps - still has the same charge track bars and blue grips - large chain ring is now just a stock black one along with the cranks -

Thank you for reading :slight_smile: and if any one spots it pleas hit me up on 0416 378 151