STOLEN Surly Straggler - Footscray

Well last night someone went to an inordinate amount of trouble to pinch my Straggler (Glitter Dreams) of my front verandah. Bike was chained through front wheel and frame and then kryptonite cabled to a housing unit screwed into the wall. Looks like they’ve cut the cable and carried it away.

While full credit is given to the professional (and quiet) manner in which they helped themselves to my pride and joy, i’d actually like it back please. Photo below from about a year ago but save a new drive train it looks the same. Aside from the pretty obvious (and awesome!) paint job it’s chipped as shit and covered in stickers. No particularly fancy components (although recently serviced by the fine folks at Good Cycles).
The saddle and post both have hexlocks in them, so I hope you’re exactly my height fuckers!

If you see it and could lock it down and let me know that’d be incredible. Thanks yo.