Stolen Ti bike, probably in Melbourne, showing its pink bits

Hey team,

While Rolly is a legend and found my bike, this one is still missing:

Details here: Stolen Titanium unbranded frame

If you see it, please lock it to something then call me on zero four 00414487 and let’s keep the FOA Karmic Delivery System ticking over. Bonus points if you lock it to something then step away in case the dickbag who stole it or bought it from the fencer comes back so they can get arrested.


Don’t know anything about the bike, sorry, but what is that crank?

I hope this is recovered without the white chain. That’ll be a double win.

Dooby - crank is SRAM S500 I think

According to Instagram this has been recovered by the great rolly. White chains still there. Saddle is different tho.

Cabling is also different, as is the tyres and pedals, the chain tensioner is gone and the light ended up on mine (so really all the pink bits) but it’s the same bike for certain.

Fucken rolly whaddaguy. If I didn’t know better I’d think he stole 'em and magically recovered them for FOA/IG karma points.

Well there was that instagram photo of him on your co-motion with the stole blakeys bike caption

haha that scenario was put to me by a friend I had dinner with after returning it to Simon.

if I stole em I’d definitely part them out instead of keepin them almost identical & riding it around inner Melbourne. fkn muppets.


genes Altamira next…

also, meant to mention on the phone earlier, the cabling wasn’t replaced, they just wrapped the pink housing with blue electrical tape!!

fixie crime is no match for Rolly… YEEEEEEEEAH


rolly, you’ve stolen my heart. you crafty adonis.