Store selling bike travel box.

Does Anybody know any stores that might do a bike travel box/case like a bogear royd? I’m flying home tomorrow and the idea of paying 20 bucks for a cardboard box that qantas can’t guarantee will be okay seems a bit stupid. Alternatively has someone got some shit hubs for a standard road bike that are useless? Just looking to space out the front and rear forks.

just go ask a bike store for a bike box and some frame spacers, most should have a few lying around from new bikes they’ve unpacked. might even be able to get some foam tube protectors etc from them too. will be free cos they just throw that stuff out, and will be fine if you pack it right, flown with a bike box heaps of times, no dramas.


Flown maybe 7 or 8 times with a bike in a box and no probs.

Put some soft stuff, clothes etc in plastic bags to help brace the box.

Use lots of tape to hold it together or some airports have those people who wrap it in shrink wrap for $10.

Use rolled/folded triangular prisms of cardboard to brace the dropouts, protect the hangar, best to take the derailleur off.

those qantas boxes are awesome coz huge.

leave the rear wheel in, drop the saddle, pedals off, rotate bars down, brace the fork.

nothing else to take off / remove / adjust.

yeah that is true.

seriously worth every dollar when packing a bike in the airport at 5am, still drunk, and on no sleep after ACMC a couple of years back.