Storm Riders - Melb

Such an awesome ride thisafternoon, 30 degrees, tropical downpoor, thunder & lightening, no visability, Sydney Road Brunswick flooded upto hub deep, dodging floating wheelie bins, hidden potholes and tram tracks, almost no brakes on my 1976 Raleigh 3 speed (original brakepads?), urban adventure riding at is best - so much fun!

Yeah yeah yeah Thunder struck

I too had some fun riding home this arvo. SKIIIIIIIIIIIDS11!!!

argh… I’d like to apologise for taking off my mudgaurd this morning - this rain is all my fault.

fuck you chaz. come clean up the water in my kitchen.

I liked the pissing rain today as it made me not miss riding quite as much with my busted wrist.

Plus my garden needs the rain. Chaz can you take your mudguard off at least twice a week as I can’t be fucked getting out there on my watering days?

I was at South Wharf DFO with my mum when it came down.
I went down through Docklands and figured since I was going to be wet anyway, that I would ride through every big puddle I came across.
Footscray road was flooded almost two lanes so the cars were dodging it and I was dissapointed I decided to take the bike path.
I cut up through Kensington from the bike path and at the bottom of the hill down from the silos it was flooded for maybe 20metres. I rode through there and it was well above the top of my chain ring. There was also a car stuck in the middle of it and when I got across the other side a guy asked if I could help push it out. I was wet as it is, so I figured it could be fun. Where the car was stuck it was just below my knees and the guy who was with me was much shorter than me so he was wading through it.
I went past the supermarket and then home to a dry apartment, unlike my neighbour who had a river running through her apartment.