[Strada] Le Colline del Nord - Tuesday 23rd

Tuesday 23 March.

Hell and harbour views. The Roadies are invited north of the Harbour Bridge for the hills of Mosman, Cremorne and Neutral Bay.

Meet at Martin Place GPO, 6:00pm for a 6:30 sharp departure.

Ride Hills.

Finish at The Oaks, Neutral Bay, for beer and pizza.

See you there,



Feck. Going OS for a while on Thursday.

Yip I’m in… If I can get of work

Ooh, gonna have to check my schedule…

Where are you going, Stef? Can we request a kitsch trinket for a souvenir?

ohh ahh yes please… some thing that reflects the pista faction in the city your traveling too…

how about 6am Friday morning… i found my faST pants…

Aint no fixies where I’m going.


I’m going to stick with the timing on this one, even if only a couple of riders can make it. But do confirm early next week, as I’m not going to hang around to 6:30 if no one else is riding.


I’m in, I will be there at 6.30pm. Let the suffering begin!!Yew!!
BTW is there going to be heaps of traffic where we are going?

Pumped. Been riding a bit more lately so hopefully this reflects in a better-than-average performance.

Also in let’s hope the weather plays ball!

Yeah it will be all good.

So, leaving Martin Place at 6:30 sharp. (pm me if you want my mobile)

The route avoids the main road, some of it will be really quiet traffic wise, there will be a bit of commuter traffic in places. There is one small section of shared bike path, that is a little slow and bumpy, and a few small footpath sections that link up dead end roads, but it all flows pretty well. One or two descents are very steep and not good for brakeless fixed.

It’s a good undulating ride that should take 1-1/2 hours, so bring your lights.



Is anyone welcome?


Yep all welcome, there will be a few hills to climb though.

A rough idea of distance Carlin? I am excited for this ride!

That’s a tricky one. Not that far, 30-40k’s I would guess. Roughly 90 minutes riding time.

was going to come but just got home and now cant be fucked, have a fun and safe ride.

so how did this go? got home and saw that military road was closed due to a gas leak. traffic woulda been nightmarish.