Street talk with The Beards

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starts out all innocent then they start messing with people =]

lol that’s so bad… but i couldn’t help but giggle the whole way through. i wonder if one of them owned the car they tried to drive off with.

ok that started out pretty funny then just got a little outa control… not saying i disagree with any of it though…


those dudes are fuckwits. the guy that got the icecream in the face, i’m surprised he didn’t punch the guy in his stupid fucking beard.

the only good bit was the guy in the blue and white shirt and how awkward he was when the 2 guys started ‘foolin about’.

but i’m in a fairly shit mood today, might’ve laughed yesterday

yeah i think i would’ve enjoyed it more if they just kept cracking jokes… but it still made me giggle. mostly at their stupidity towards the end of the video lol

It may have had a few set ups in it guys, don’t believe everything you see…

but…it was on the internet…

love this… but I can’t grow a beard, in fact nobody in my family has had the ability to grow a beard… but still I’d rate it if someone messed me up because I’m beardless.

Damn, I can’t argue with that logic.

I saw these guys perform at Woodford Folk Festival last December and they were certainly one of my favorite acts at the festival. They were fucking hilarious, and are extremely talented musicians with a range of styles under their belts. With every song they write and perform about beards; one would believe that it gets boring after a while. After almost 3 albums worth of songs, it doesn’t. I’d definitely recommend seeing these guys live if you get the chance.

In saying all of this, it wouldn’t surprise me if those interviewees weren’t actors…

It’s self-indulgent crap. Some of the exams I marked today were funnier.

I don’t know if i love or despise this.

If it’s any consolation CC; they weren’t this self-indulgent/overly stupid when I saw their gig

you know you need a beard…

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