Stripping Anodising with Oven Cleaner

Done it before plenty of times before but have found that some brands/types of oven cleaner do a better job than others. So which brand of oven cleaner does the best job of stripping (silver) anodising?

I have found caustic soda(granules) diluted in water the best by far and a hell of a lot cheaper.
The thing is a lot of new oven cleaner is non caustic based and don’t strip anodising as well.
May be about two table spoons per 500ml drop it in and watch it checking often not to burn it.

i just used caustic soda to strip a hub

i used this

Thanks guys. I’ll get some caustic soda and report back in WYDTYB thread :slight_smile:

Same. Has worked fine on everything except Cinelli bars…that shit only budges with 600 grit.

…tastes great, too.

Mr Muscle is all I have used and it worked fine on some rims and a stem.

Did some searching but no luck, maybe it’s my Google-fu…

Anyone have any luck or advice for de-anodising laced hubs?

Pls see pic attached, Miche hubs well laced to Mavic OPs, I want gold ano gone on the #SOTB but not keen to de-lace any wheels!! Am I dreaming?

Thanks in advance!

drill and soft cotton flap wheel? (after spraying with over cleaner/caustic soda etc)

Will you be able to get into the areas around the spoke heads enough to completely remove all the gold ano? I reckon its unlikely, but give it a go. You probably wont hurt the spokes, though dont get any on the rims.

BE really careful using this stuff, use in a well ventilated area with a face mask and use Sturdy GLOVES. I used it last year to strip crud from a metal clock case and some got into the gloves without me really noticing or caring, I was doing something. the tips of my fingers went purple and I could feel the skin shifting, I used Sodium a bicarbonate and water solution packed around the fingers for about two hours and got some colour back, I really thought I was going to loose the tops of a couple of fingers. Even Casualty said I was lucky and I did the right thing or I would have been looking at the very least skin grafts. So because its in a can, and you used in the kitchen don’t think its benign. Read the directions and believe it, its dangerous stuff.

jeepers creepers! good wake up call as I’ve certainly been pretty blasé with it in the past!

yeah, this is what I’m wondering. I guess it’s a bit of a beater anyway so I don’t have too much to lose if it’s not perfect (which I’m sure it won’t be!)

thanks for the replies.