stripping painted aluminium

Any recommendations for stripping painted aluminium? I have a fork off an old klein roadie (probably a kinesis fork) with a couple of generations of paint on it and I want to strip it and polish it up.

Chemical stripper or get it blasted? Will the alu take abrasive blasting, or if the blades and crown are bonded will a chemical stripper fuck up the bonding?

Sheldon Brown says ammonia will remove corrosion from aluminium. Not sure how it will work with paint.

Best wait for more replies - Now that I think about it I don’t think I have added a great deal. :?

i used car paint stripper on my norco easton superlight MTB frame - worked perfectly…
i used the same stuff on my aluminium bonnet and was fine.

Yep, get some automotive paint stripper.
Cover the whole thing then put it in a heavy duty garbage bag for a couple of hours.
Use a plastic scraper to get the bulk off. Repeat if neccesary.
An industrial scotch pad is great for finishing off.
Wash off any residue with heaps of clean water and use thick gloves.
The acid in auto stripper is deadly shit.

Spend some time and sand it back. Hire a electric sander, or a dremel (good thing about these is you can get a buffing disc too…