stromlo night mtb ride TONIGHT (20/5)

Meet at 5:40pm at the shelter thing on top of the toiles at Stromlo tonight… lights necessary, derailleurs probably not :slight_smile:

am def keen for this… I got my lights here at work. Any chance of meeting a bit closer to 6? I finish up work @ 5.30

yes! 6pm is ok :slight_smile: I have to leave at about 7pm though… maybe just quick lap up and down.
woohoo! Stoked that ur in :slight_smile:

Yeah right on. Thanks for that… are you driving? Because I am not sure what time the gates shut. So I will park my car on the road that leads up to Mt Stromlo and ride over to the pavilion.

See you around 6! I will be on a grey Stumpjumper. You are on a rigid SS if I recall?

We will suss out a quickish loop when we are there to make sure your well away by 7. Maybe just head up to the top then back down Skyline?

great! I’m now being picked up (by an american who was given a license to drive on the other side of the road and manual, for the first time ever, no questions asked) at 7:45, so plenty of time to hit it.

I’m on an old white mtb with red cranks, this bike:


See you there

Stromlo - 1
JP’s Chainring - 0

haha! indeed :wink:
Am I wrong to think this confirms me as the hell-man i’ve always hoped to be?
If not, i am now running 59" on that bike… til I get another freewheel anyway. I am out for Majura on Monday though… last welding night, and gear is prob too tall for the pines.

Yeah thats it, strapping too much power in those legs!

We do a fair bit of tech climbing at majura so a lower gear is recommended. A friend of mine does ride it on the SS though.