Stromlo or how do I spend a weekend MTBing in Canberra?

The title pretty much says it, where do I ride if I have a weekend to spend in Canberra? I’m pretty much technical, flowy, singletrack, down fast, up slow, orientated, will bring my Enduro to have fun with and am open to ideas. Is Stromlo enough for a weekend of riding or would I miss out on the best bits? Also, is there a campground close to the riding where I could pitch my tent? I may come around the next weekend already as its my birthday and I want to check out new trails.

According to EzyLee, you need to hit up Sparrow before its clear felled.

Alright - so Stromlo, you have the vapour trail, which then links up to the DH trail (not too steep or technical as the steeper rock gardens are bypassed via the vapour trail). If you have a crew with you, you can shuttle this all day until your cheeks cramp from smiling too much. Another track you will enjoy out at Stromlo is Pork Barrel which then continues onto Double Dissolution. You will need to ride up quite a steep trail if you want to session this track though. You can’t leave Stromlo without riding the trail that everyone chats about, its a section that runs all the way from the top to the carpark. Skyline to Luge. Sweet berm city on Luge!

I would spend 3/4 of a day out at Stromlo, and then maybe finish the afternoon off with some trails out at Bruce Ridge which is a short drive away from Stromlo.

The next day, if you are after more of a freeride sort of day, head out to Tuggeranong pines - big road gaps, jumps, more DH sort of stuff (not too steep), you will enjoy these trails! There isn’t much there, but its fun and spot on for your bike.

Sparrow is more of an XC trail area. The trails aren’t technical at all - they are enjoyed at speed and a place where a hard tail 29er would have an awesome time fanging around. Across the road at Kowen would be the pick of the two, but again - more XC sort of trails. I wouldn’t recommend on your bike.

Hit me up with any questions!

Thanks heaps Ezy!!! I think I will stick with your suggestions, just read a fair bit and this seems the way to go. I’ll be on my own so no shuttling. Is there a fire road for the way up or something “easy” to just climb up to the top? And once I’m there is it easy to find my way and the trails that I want to ride eg. Skyline to Luge to the Carpark?
I’ve also heard about Tuggeranong pines and am pretty sure that I’d like it so I’ll give that a try as well.

Lets see if I can convince my gf to come next weekend, would be a blast to spend my birthday just riding.

If I am free, I can be your dirt tour guide. Hit me up with dates/times etc.

If you are keen on the camping, there is a spot that backs right on to the Bruce Ridge trails.

Thanks mate, great offer!! Will let you know once we/I decided to come. Just saw some videos and Luge looks like heaps of fun.

If I had a bigger bike I would also check out the East Kowen DH (just got redug, guy who won was on a trance I think so totally cool for your bike). Also a tour of majura and ainslie if you know all the sneaky/rough DH/AM trails is great fun and has some crazy climbs as well. Maybe the Blue Range DH track as well (only if I had mates to shuttle). 7-10 Minutes of descending in a single track!