Stronglight CT2 chainrings

Hey all, who has experience with these and would you recommend them in 53-39t 130bcd?

I’ve been doing some research and these seem to be pretty good and are in the style I’m chasing to suit my cranks. I originally wanted Cannondale MK-V’s but they are hard to track down in good nick and feedback tends to suggest they are quite flimsy.

the CT2’s are all black, teflon coated, seem to be alright.


I have these on my road bike as above (53-39t 130BCD). No complaints from me!

In fact I also have the TT version on my TT bike with a 130BCD outer and 42t 110 BCD inner. Given they come in a number of teeth and BCDs they are great for custom combinations or if say you wanted to run 53-39 on compacts… Good weight too!

Not sure of local stockists. I’ve bought the a few times through in France.

Thanks for the feedback, I’m by no means a powerhaus or racing road, but I picked up a set of rotor 3D+'s and just wanna put something nice on them, they seem to get a good wrap from everyone online. I saw them on bike24, but i’ll be sure to check out XXCycle. Cheers.

Just checked bike24 - If only the chainrings plus shipping 90,37 € there and 66.37 € from XXcycle… :cool:

The later site is a little clunky, but I have successfully ordered from them 3 times now.

I use them on both of my track bikes, they’re great and I can’t fault them in any way.

cheers guys, just placed an order through xxcycle