struck down and bloodied

Today i got swiped by a car who suddenly decided to turn left. I smashed into their left side, knocked off their side mirror, nearly went under their wheels, and basically got smashed into the gutter. After i lay quietly on the road for some time, i got up and inspected the damage. Hole to the crumpler (not too bad), both wheels fucked, and various grazes to the body, no to mention new helmet (Andy you were right haha).
To be honest i think the bag took most of the action and saved alot of skin off my back. The driver had been looking for a a shop and had suddenly turned left after seeing it. He had been driving his wife home after a throat operation.
The whole escapade was bizzare. First real crash in a couple of years. Hopefully the dirver will pay up. Meanwhile i have no helmet and no wheels to ride. Lame. Careful out there folks. Considering i was travelling at about 40kmh at the time, i’m damn lucky.

sorry to hear it dude.

go to a doctor tomorrow anyways. get totally checked out. you don’t know what could flare up down the track - just ask TC.

thats a good point. I think i will. I feel fine, but its possibly my body playing tricks on me.

Stoked to hear you are OK,
Yeah definately get checked over by your GP and if you havn’t already, report the incident to the local police.

+1 to that.

I had a similar thing happen a few weeks ago, went over the bonnet of a car that turned left.
I thought I was ok, but once the adrenaline wore off my wrist felt kind of dodgey. Turned out there was a fracture, only a small one, but if I hadn’t got a cast put on I probably would have got back on my bike in a few days and really buggered my wrist up.

I reported to the police and they’re still sorting it out apparently. You’re obliged to report it if there’s any injury or more than $500 damage.

which there is. I will visit the fuzz tomorrow.
Thanks guys

What he said, hope there’s no serious harm lurking under the adrenaline and shock but get yourself thoroughly checked out. I got bowled over in a hit and run a couple of years ago, turns out I had dislocated a shoulder and ultimately needed a reconstruction because I didn’t get it treated properly at the time.

Sad to hear it, glad to hear you are still walking though. Also good to hear that the driver stopped as all 4 of my incidents where I’ve been taken out by an errant driver the motherfuckers have sped off. Hit those guys up for any medical and property damage, and don’t short change yourself. From the story I’m pretty convinced that they are at fault as they didn’t indicate before turning left and you have right of way in that instance (regardless of whether there is a bike lane or not). Money should be the least of their concerns now, given that they could have had more serious injuries or your death hanging over their head. They got off lightly, you did not. Get your reports, keep your receipts and claim!

Sorry to hear mate. Must be full moon coming! I had two close calls this morning from idiotic acts by others. I was just taking my time and enjoying my morning!

So glad you’re ok. Weren’t you mentioning on sunday how long it’s been since you had a crash?!

+1 with xbrendanx - go to a doctor - you never know what you’re really done.

Also - you’ve got just under a year to get some new wheels and get yourself back to 100% for ‘Fix Up Look Sharp 2010’ (we’re going to win that shit, and if we don’t we’re going to ask LAM and IanHuman for some kind of ‘fastest tire change’ prize)

Glad to hear you’re okay man!

glad to hear that you’re ok.
+1 to filing a report.
TAC will cover any related medical bills for up to 3 years; so it’s definitely worth filing a claim - the driver doesn’t pay anything so make sure you don’t spare the expense if you think there is something wrong

It’s good that they stopped, most people wouldn’t.

vile humans.

glad your still typing away with us.

sucks dude. glad to hear there was nothing to serious.

sit at home, fill out forms and listen to mayhem.

Good to know.

Hope you’re feeling fine today.

oh shit! dude i remember talking on sunday saying you haven’t had a crash/stack in a while. must have jinxed yourself. :frowning:

Oh yes, we’re winning that shit right there. And i like the idea of that prize, another opportunity to show off my skillz haha.
Thanks for all the well wishes and advice guys!