Stuck for dinner ideas?

What The Fuck Should I Make For Dinner?

Wicked shit.

Bravo!!! Bravo!!!

Add to favorites - check.

I don’t get what the big deal is? Why not just go directly to … or any of the many resources for recipes and ideas on the webs? If you’re still stuck for ideas about what to cook then you’re not really a foodie and are better off going out for dinner.

It’s not clever, just dumb … I want that 2 minutes of my life back.

i realised after looking through a bit more they’re all linking to just two sites, but still I think it’s a nice little site.
Turn it into an ipod app and you can probably make a fair bit of cash

cos they’re not typeset in fuckoff big helvetica black on white simple design n shit. and they don’t have attitude, dude.
god, way to show your age, broseph

ok …what’s age got to do with it??

you’re not down with the hep talk and the wiggy-wiggy design and the sans-serif post-pseudo-irony, Daddy-O!

(and just in case :D)

Some of the readers comments on the facebook page are pretty funny, in a childish juvenile kind of way… just the way I like my comedy.

Nelson Algren said/wrote it best in his book The Man with the Golden Arm …"Some cats just swing like that".

//must read !!!

haven’t you learnt anything from the fixie fad?

You can take any ordinary product, make it more stylish but less practical, and hipsters will be lining up around the block to get it.

Look, it’s a glass drinking jar with a leather holder! Why not add the fun of broken glass in your crotch next time you fall of your bike?
Bicycle Mason Jar Cage by WalnutStudiolo on Etsy

I was drinking scotch and coke out of a jar the other night cos I couldn’t find any more cups for my guests.
Felt well hipster.

Why didn’t you just drink it from the can it came in?

Scotch and coke in Narre Warren sounds more bogan than hipster to me!

SNAP! :smiley: well played

Classy in Narre.

gawddamn, how’d you know I was drinkin highland?

#134 – Pre-Mixed Drinks

Y’know, despite drinking premix from jars whilst sitting in my caravan, I’m no bogan.
I don’t even drive a commodore!

This Is Why You’re Fat | Where dreams become heart attacks.

this site is better