Hey all, I’m cleaning up my roadie I just bought, big blue 853 Paconi, and the bloody seatpost just wont budge!

I need it out to: 1. polish, 2. raise the current height from the short arse before me.

I’ve had WD40/CRC/RP7 all over it and it still wont shift.

Any ideas would be great, and yes I have undone the seatpost bolt!!!


Something there should work.

Another method is to put the bike upside down. Making sure the bolt holding the seat post is off, Stand on the underside of the seat and lift the whole thing upwards.

I’ve found this to work numerous times.

Turn the bike up side down and clamp the seat post in a bench vice. Take the frame off the seat post rather than the seat post out of the bike. Extra leverage. Mmmm good.

big hammer.

take it to a proper workshop.

get them to put it in their big fuck off vice.
nothing else will work, and most things that you try at home will be a waste of time.

All sorted… Used a pair of stillsons, big fuck-off pipe wrench!

Now, has anyone got a 27.2 Campy seat post they want to sell me??? :smiley:

i was going to suggest using a kettle and tipping boilding water down the seat tube.

use physics, not brute force (learned this lesson the hard way over and over)

i’ve got a few campy posts in 27.2

Yeah tried the physics thing, had a hair dryer, then a heat gun, being carefull not to torch the paintwork!!!

Anywho, got it out, now for that new post…