Stuck lockring!

Anyone ever had trouble with miche lockring? Mine’s totally stuck n I can’t get em off, I tried soaking it up in wd40 but it still won’t move.

Any suggestions? keep chipping the lockring every time I tried unlocking it.

What lockring tool you using? 3 toothed Park Tool Lockring Tool usually will grab and then use a rubber mallet, making sure everything is seeded nicely.

Tighten the cog up as hard as you can. Sometimes the cog will loosen slightly and lock against the lockring. This will make the lockring very hard to remove.

and this ^ if you haven’t already tried it.

Only got Pedro’s lockring tool, might have to borrow the 3 toothed park tool tomorrow. Thanks gypsy.

Tried this and it still didn’t move

get a good lock ring tool, get some one to hold the wheel real tight then STAND on the god dam thing!!! try and get some body weight on the handle… longer tool the better… get a shimano ninja chain whip/lockring tool and or use a pipe or sum ting to increase the length of the handle…

aka… Cheater bar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

next time use a whole lot more grease

Definitely more grease for sure…

Dumb question I know, but are you turning the lockring the right way to undo it?

Fuck lockring tools get a big ol’ screwdriver and hammer and smash it off. If you hold the wheel between your feet. Lockring facing out you want to smash down on the left had side of the lockring if that makes sense.

^ Wrong. Thats how you fuck lockrings, ruin your shit or injure yourself.

^ Fuckwit.

His lockring is already ruined from using a shitty tool. If your retarded enough to injure yourself while using a hammer and screwdriver I feel sorry for anyone who has let you anywhere near there bikes…

Screwdriver and hammer gets shit done

Thanks for playing kenny.


Shouldn’t you be using ‘anti-seize’ and not grease on a lockring for exactly this reason?
Hammers and screwdrivers are how bush mechanics totally screw the thread fine threads on bikes.
Had more than a few frames that people thought this was a good idea, only to put the screwdriver into a thread.

Three pin tool
wd 40 soak

boiling kettle
trickle water onto ring to heat it with out heating threads too much
work quickly in the correct direction