Stupidity on the road..

The white Zullo gets an upgrade…

Liberal use of gaffa tape I see.

I reckon you should use more ‘stealth black’ reflective tape on it. All over it, hang the weight.

And then spell out ‘can’t ride for shit’ in white reflective tape.

give us a full pic!


Check the image source

Picture removed to appease Rhino - you now owe us a front page story

Disc and Sushi bars … so wrong … yet so nice.

You RUINED it…That photo had a story along with it that was going on the front page…You pricks just couldn’t wait!

Anyway, talk about getting some looks.

The wheel is more like a ‘shrink-wrapped’ fabric cover…very weird. The wheel sadly came with a nice buckle, and with no way to get to the spoke to straighten it…the wheel went in the vice and bent by hand. As its a very old screw-on cassette hub, I am going to struggle to respace the axle to work, instead I respaced the front chainring to get a ‘better’ chainline…She is a clincher, so no worrys about getting flats

Aww, I’m a detective-engineer-geek, did you really think I wouldn’t go looking? You should have named the file “sekrit pic for front page”

Tell us a story anyway Unka Rhino.

sorry rhino, it was that blakey fellows fault. apparently he is a detective engineer type, and well i just followed orders. he looked and sounded authoritive, standing there with a great big beer in his hand, what was i to do?

anyway, still put it on the frontpage, she’s a beauty, buckle or no buckle, i want more stories. tell us what she’s like with a 25knot sou’west blowing.


Finding sekrits, drinking beers.

Is this what we do now?

It used to be doing dumb stuff together and before that it was riding bikes with more than two cogs.

The next time I find a sekrit I’ll keep it that way. Scouts honour. Storytime now?