Sturdy 29er rimmms?

New 29er project in the planning stages. At worst it’ll get some lazy XC use and some gentleman’s downhill but I am a fat bastard. Anybody have rim recommendations (or knowledge of rims to avoid)? Disk specific not an issue.

The Velocity VXC rims are really nice. They’re eyeleted, double walled rims which are a pretty lightweight XC rim. They are however disc only, as the sidewalls aren’t at all parallel. The Velocity Blunt is also pretty awesome. Out of the two I’d choose the VXC for a lightweight wheelset, and the Blunt for more abuse. It is also disc only. Did i mention they come in a heap of different colours?
Otherwise you could always go with Stan’s NoTubes…a bit more expensive (probably double the price) but the ZTR Flow would be a nice strong rim, and it comes in a 29er.

Value for money though, you can’t really go past Velocity. If money is no object, then Mavic also make some of the best rims in the world. Not sure which ones they do in a 29er though.

I use Blunts on my 29er.
They’ve stood up to a good amount of riding singletrack and obstacles.
I don’t jump the bike much, though I don’t mind a little air-time.

Only problem I’ve found with them is fitting slicks - they are a 28mm wide rim, so 32mm or wider 700c tyres are required.

Thanks for the input guys, could be Blunts then.

Nice Niner BTW. Picked up a KHS Tucson frame and Tora on evilbay, let the fun begin. :slight_smile:

Have you considered Mavic open Pro’s? I know they are a road rim, however I have being running them on my 29er for 2 years and they have been faultless.
I ride ridgid and do a bit of jumping.

There’s a new rim on the block to consider:

Pacenti 35, 35mm wide, 22mm deep.

Velocity Dyad. Strong like bull and don’t look prissy. Ok price$ too.

Now that’s just getting silly

Had these in hand today.
They is big.


When I see the name ‘Pacenti’, I think of 650b, not 29er/700c…

They’re available in 26/650/700, don’t you worry about that.