Subrosa malum

my other fixed gear

Subrosa Malum fixed gear.
All stock except for:
Oddyessy pedals
BO straps
Red Oury grips
Rear B43
red seat clamp

A touch of red brings out the bike :wink:

Very nice, i like the subtle red on the handlebars too.

What wheel is on the front?

its a no name deep v.

no name deep v? tell me more please.
if the price is right i may just have to get me one ya know

im really not sure what type it is.
bought it at hell on wheels in newtown sydney.
i think it might actually be a weinmann dp18 just with no branding.
sorry im no help. maybe old google will be a pal

or call hell on wheels maybe.

ill ask the guys. might pop into the shop 2moro

i beleive the front wheel is the stock wheel that comes with the malum fixed. nice bike, almost bought one of these…

indeed…a nice pony, how many coin?

cost me about 1300

Is it just me or do those BO straps look funny?

looks strange in that photo, however looks ok here >>


a mate just picked one of these up the other day…felt pretty nice and after flipping the stem he can bar spin…heaps jealous.

…the only problem although is the bars that im assuming came with it are way too wide as they are.

That’s what hacksaws are for :evil:

you guys do realise wide bars are actually lovely to ride with?

bars dont need to be cut shorter than your sholders/hips anyway :wink:

yeh the bars are too wide. will chop once i get my hands on a saw.
and the bo staps were strapped down. was doing some “tricks” without straps cause they are a bitch to take off and on

you dont trick in them? :expressionless:

well not yet as i dont wanna fall on my ass and die.
plus im only just learning wheelis. and riding fakie :expressionless:

I’m with you. I think they look bit odd as well. I think they are too chunky/large.

The bike is nice though!