Suggest me a bike

There’s a bunch of roads I want to hit up and explore but my road bike just doesn’t isn’t cutting it. Looking at buying something that’s going to be fast across a bunch of different off road surfaces so cx/gravel is the category I’m browsing.
I’d like the bike to clear 40c tyres comfortably, have through axles and flat mount discs. I’m not looking at spending huge dollars either. Not concerned about tubeless compatible wheels at this stage, I’ll update that later.

I’m tempted by the polygon bend rv ($1600) as even though it’s a little heavy the group is nice and I’ll take decent group with lower end components over better frame with a lower end group. Also looking at the Fuji Jari.

Open to suggestions though soooooo yeah anyone got some advice? Hate on the polygon? Please share your knowledge with me FoA.

My only thing would be look at frame design/materials I’d probably want steel and comfortable over everything else

Giant TCX SLR 2 for around $1900?

Comfort isn’t much of a worry for me and I doubt it’d make much of a difference to my riding (and I ride my skinny tyre ride bike on the worst roads pretty often so I’m used to it). Steel would be cool but I feel like it’d blow my don’t want to spend big budget.

Not a bad price! Should have mentioned I’d prefer hydro group though.

Bend fits your criteria. And cheap, as you say, for a hydro rival 1x setup. So just buy it?

Familyguy (?) grabbed a jari recently I think.

Jamis renegade expat fits everything except hydro brakes I think (and maybe it’s still qr rear).

Get a MTB instead. Fast is you.

All City cosmic stallion? Might be on the pricier end of things though.

US$2.6k for a complete? Fuggedaboutit.

Well yeah the bend is what I think I’ll end up choosing. Figured it’s good to ask for opinions and alternatives though as FoA is far more knowledgeable than I with this kind of bike.

Also, cosmic stallion looks rad but as heavymetal said fuggedaboutit at that price.

Is any of this useful?

Look into last years (2017) CX bikes, can get a 2x11spd 105 hydro braking Focus, alu frame, full carbon fork for ~$2000 and the 10spd tiagra hydro version for ~$400 less.

Probably similar deals to be had for Giants etc

Any of the big brands CX offerings will probably be nicer and lighter than that Polygon and I suspect a bit faster handling if that;s what your after.

Damn Mike, even I’m tempted!

I’ll have a read. Mostly likely helpful.

Will have a look at these options. Most cx bikes will clear a 40c with room yeah?

Yep, some carbons ones struggle cos fat tubes but alu and steel should be fine

Rad. No crabon for me so not a concern.