Sugino AP 144 cranks?

I have a set of Sugino AP 144 crank arms but can’t seem to find any info on them on the net or on the forums.

I was told they were Sugino 75’s but branded differently? Any idea how much they are worth? - Component: Sugino AP110

I had a set on a bike I’ve since sold, bought them from user Jelmer. they’re definitely the same as another crank out there, but I forget what. thiiiink it was suntour superbe though…?

someone here will know, probs Blakey.

these aren’t the ones I had, and am guessing different to what you’re askin about…?

These are the ones… they feel pretty light and will hopefully be fairly stiff

Dont look like 75s at all

I think you mean Suntour Superbe Pro. Very similar.

gooooooo memory!!

I have a set of these and 75’s, they are not similar.

Alos my AP144s are cracked in the web where the DS crank arm joins teh spider (right near the letter “S” in sugino in the pic)
this is because the web is stupid thin and covered in machining marks on the back.
Something to check for if you have or are inspecting to buy some AP144s
A bit of work with a die grinder/needle file/ dremel to dig out the crack, dye pentrant to check it’s gone and a sand/polish to tidy the area up afterwards and they should actually last longer than stock (which is what i’ll be doing to mine at some far distant point in the future when i have some free time)

P.S. i’m sure Blakey posted pics of doing this to some cranks once but my google foo is weak

P.P.S. found thread:

Woah. Thanks guys for all the info, I’ve installed them to try them out anyway, haven’t noticed any cracks in the arms.