Sugino crank recall. Integrated spindle

Check your cranks. Friend of mine had a spline failure a few months ago. Gotta check which ones I have now…

Pretty sure my ones will be okay. Only purchased this year, so unless Alex Cycle sits on stock for a long time I should be fine.

Looks like it’s a recall for me. Doesn’t fit the graphic perfectly, but I think it’s on the block due to the sharp spline end.

A: Polished bearing surface, M15 or M18 ‘pusher’, OK
B: Black bearing surface, M18 pusher, Recall
C: Black bearing surface, M15 pusher, groove on end of spindle, Recall
D: Black bearing surface, M15 pusher, no groove, OK.

According to their graphic and your pic, yours “looks” like a B.

B & C have unpolished bearing surfaces, mine’s polished. In theory mine’s fine, but the runout is quite sharp.

Here’s a failed one and a replacement arm

I look at their pic of B and see a polished surface. Well at least a distinct area below the spline that differs from further down the spindle. To be fair their photo is taken from a shitty angle so its is hard to tell.

I was basing it more on the narrowness of the spindle due to the 18mm bolt and the bevelled edge on the inside of the spindle to the tread. That makes it more of a B than a C for me as C has a flatter, wider spindle end due to the 15mm bolt being narrower, thus allowing more “meat” in the spindle.

Hope that makes sense.

Translate the image text and the only documented difference between A and B/C is polished vs black bearing surface. My runout doesn’t match any so I just sent them a photo to decide.

Righto, be interesting to see how it pans out.

So expensive and recalled? Another reason to stick with shitmano

But they no makey sub-compact doubles H. Can use triples for it though I guess. They’re ugly though.

Sugino first said my ones were to be recalled but then said they were forged not cnc and they’re all good.

It’s okay guys, mine are A-okay!