Sugino Mighty Tour Cranks // Paconi & Serotta XL frames!!

Sugino Mighty Tour Compact Crankset 110BCD Touring Cyclocross Road Classic Japan in Fitzroy, VIC | eBay

Aren’t these the sort of cranks that turn-on you beardos.
They look nice. In fact is Paconi evilbay seller a FOA member?

**hijacked the thread to link up those frames for the greater good of #FOAmafia - Gypsy

Hows the two frames he’s got listed. Super nice and cheap!! $450 paconi and $400 Serotta!

Mocco’s get on that Serotta!!

Paconi Bike Frame 60 X 57 5 CM CX Tour Commuter Columbus Zona Single Speed Fixed in Glen Waverley, VIC | eBay

Quite possibly - I bought a set of these because they come in 172.5mm
Price is right if you’re feeling the beard love.

Yeah, he’s on here, I’ll let him chip in.

Good dude, good to deal with.

have seen frames briefly, very nice, and in good nic.

I could commute the shit out of that thing!!

Do it!

If only that Paconi was smaller.

serotta is niiicce

i miss my old serotta sometimes.

Get the paconi!

Get both!

i was just about to hit the buy button on that paconi, just looking at sizes on a different frame, did someone here get it?

paconi gone. Sad face.