Sugino Super Mighty cranks: which cartridge bottom bracket?

These cranks need a 109mm spindle with ISO taper and I can’t find anything with that size/taper in a cartridge.

There’s a Miche with 107mm and a few Campags with 111mm. Any ideas about what is most suitable, or another one perhaps?

Well there is the Sugino 75 BB, and Phil make one I believe.

thanks. i’d go the 75s if cup-and-cone was suitable but really need a sealed cartridge. unfortunately, the fixed cup and lockring don’t sit flush with the bottom bracket shell as the threads in the shell are a little out…too much play. so i reckon cartridge is the way to go. phil wood might be a bit out of my price range

Get the BB faced and the threads cleaned
Most good bike shops will have the tools.
It’s a once only job on a frame.
Saves heaps of hassle later on.

cheers. i took it into a bike shop and was recommended the sealed cartridge path. told me that he could face the bb but was a bit difficult…something to do with the fact that it’s chromed. incorrect?

They’re correct. Chrome isn’t great for tapping or reaming. I’m sure Blakey or DaFrog will tell us why.

A Phil BB is expensive but don’t forget that it has 5mm adjustability in the chainline and the cups and spindle can be purchased separately so there’s plenty of potential to reuse it on other BB shells.

Chrome is tough and blunts the tools quickly.

Would there be much difference installing the cranks onto JIS?

Could you put 2 x 1mm spacers behind the BB cups on the drive side to move the spindle over on the 107 BB?

I vote use phil wood BB.

I’ve tried these cranks on JIS and throws the chainline by quite a few mm. i was leaning toward the miche 107mm as I understand it’s adjustable within a couple of mm. Has anyone used this bb?

And thanks for all the input. Much appreciated.

Not tough (able to deform without fracture), it’s hard. Very hard.

Which is why it’s used in situations where wear is a problem (eg hydraulic rams), so it’s not going to be kind to the tools.