Sugino Zen chainring set

These don’t come up often:

Track Cycling- Sugino Zen Chain Rings and Dura Ace Cogs | eBay

Best track chainrings you can get, this guy is selling a whole set. Be the coolest kid on the block (or velodrome hopefully).

He’s got more stuff on bumtree. Track Cycling Wheels, Accessories, Rollers etc | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Wayville

check out that BT!

he must of been good?

I’m not interested in owning five of each chainring and cog but if you do the math this is a pretty good buy, saving $175.

just cos you own a ferrari doesn’t mean you cand rive

zen rings go for $80 plus all the time, there’s at least $600 worth of stuff there, bargain!

I think you mean Roll’s Royce.

^^500 bucks worth of stuff here to be precise but still a really good buy.

ex AIS rider…

can ride

those rollers rule.


So why list it on Bumtree & Feebay? Which one will he give priority to?

not sure why both, But I would say gumtree is priority, unless the bidding on ebay goes higher then his gumtree listing prices.

Message sent, see what he says. Definitely want to see the wear on these before I’d buy.