Sugoi gets a makeover

Sweet paintjob by Matt from Kookie (grey day and my camera don’t do justice to the deep rich blue) , wheels are CXP30s on Primatos handcrafted by me, Nitto stem, bars and Surly sprocket from Dan, Thomson seatpost, saddle, goldfinger and other bits from the 'bay.



i recognise that photo! that frame is looking much better than it did when i sold it to you, nice work.

Hot fork.

Ta, she scrubs up OK. Rides nice too.

…kinda like my first wife…

Ta. I thought it might shake the teeth out of my head but it’s pretty smooth for alu.

Hey Captain is that your ‘Stylus’ frame in the classifieds or are you secretly sharing the same backdrop as the other dude? How much for the kettle? :stuck_out_tongue:

Stylus frame? not guilty. I bought the sugoi from a bloke who lives above a tattoo shop in Chapel St - I’m guessing it’s his kitchen and his kettle.