Summer of Fixty-9 - 2010?

Is anyone doing anything for the summer of Summer of Fixty-9?

If not i am happy to get something going

I swear there was a flyer or something for this? And I have on my calendar it’s this weekend! Is it still happening?

Yup it is on this weekend…

“more updates coming soon”… how far out from the event are these updates going to happen???

Postponed, check for the new date

Who is going down to GC this weekend? I’m going down early Saturday with the girls, won’t be riding on Saturday night but will drop by the start to say hello.

Contemplating it - but Lady Waks is playing at Barsomo saturday night I think… tough call

^ They say fixies are minimal but I call them simple

All welcome to come down!

more info here Summer of Fixty-9

check the blog for any major updates

I’m going to head down, going to be DFL after not being on the bike for that last month.

YouTube - GI Joe Ice

going so fast!

Weather permitting ill come down

red i am praying for clear weather,

Any car pools or train groups?

hey guys, fake tan and unit apparel are all requirements to enter tonights race

see u there!

fracture of the fifth mtacarpel, maybe i hurt myself more than him :frowning:


SUMMER OF FIXTY 9 coming January 2012?

beat me to it! That’s it i’m starting a new thread!!

gonna be the best alleycat of the year