Summer of Gravel?


Good one, Mike! When are you going to be back on a bike??

Back properly by Xmas is the aim. Will be borrowing a trainer to try keep some fitness once I get the go ahead from the Doc.

This is a great thing that you’ve done. It’s a great legacy. These are some of the best rides I’ve ever done.

Thank you.

^ + 1. Shared on my faceborg as lots of people have asked me about how to go about riding outside of the city. This removes the biggest hurdle.

Skip to ~2:02


Thanks Mike. Night grinder 2 was up there with the best rides I’ve ever done. I’m keen to check out all the others I’ve missed. Speedy recovery BTW.

Me too! It’s a ripper.

you can thank Angry for that one.

and yeah, that was a great ride, that turtle!

Thanks Angry!

and I know Blakey had a hand in that one to.

Yep, Blakey (who was still suffering from collarboner) sorted the coffee thanks to Coffee Supreme, was it Faith who provided muesli bars?, Scooter provided lights for the checkpoint, my wife baked vegan treats, drunk Hurstbridge locals provided pre-ride entertainment at the station, and probably others I’ve forgot. It was def a team effort.

My fave bit was at the checkpoint hearing tom tell the story about Other Tom spewing on his cue sheet and then freaking out about the turtle. So many 3am lols…

Thanks for staying up for me Blakey! That was the first time we met IRL, and we were both wrecked on the train.

After bingling my last gravel bike by backing it into a bollard when it was on my car rack, I am looking forward to starting again. Have just finished building gravel bike mark II, based on the legendary repco easystreet frame - an early 90s off-road frame with cantis that can take up to 38mm tyres. The blue crackle paintwork is quite fetching although sadly the original fluorescence has worn off.

It’s probably 1-2 kgs heavier than a better quality frame, although since I am 10-15kgs heavier than a better quality rider I can’t get picky about that.

Gave it a test run on a local BMX track on cup day. Good fun. I think it’s ready. So summer of gravel it is!